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Lobbying in Michigan

We pride ourselves on knowing exactly how to reach successful outcomes for our clients regardless of the particular political climate. And our track record backs that up. Among our successes:

  • Passage of the Dr. Ron Davis Smoke-Free Air Law, making most restaurants, bars, and other workplaces smoke-free, in 2010.
  • Passage of legislation regulating the payday advance industry.
  • Passage of legislation protecting Michigan’s wineries right to direct ship to the consumer.
  • Passage of an administrative order clarifying the ability of airlines to furnish airplanes with alcoholic products purchased outside Michigan’s regulated system.
  • Passage of a 2004 tobacco tax increase to generate revenue for Medicaid and the state General Fund, and to discourage youth tobacco use
  • Passage of legislation establishing patient due process protections and streamlining access to prescription drugs that require prior authorization in the Medicaid program
  • Passage of legislation creating an innovative “Single Point of Entry” for long–term care service information and community referral
  • Blocking of measures to re-create a state court cause of action in tort for FDA-approved prescription drugs
  • Passage of legislation creating mandatory high school graduation requirements with appropriate provisions and protections for students with developmental disabilities
  • Passage of legislation requiring automatic external defibrillators and emergency medical plans in health clubs
  • Passage of legislation retaining the highest standard for consent to release protected patient information on HIV/AIDS status
  • Passage of legislation exempting critical drug classes (for treatment of mental illness, epilepsy, HIV and AIDS, cancer and organ transplant) from prior authorization in the Medicaid program
  • Passage of legislation allowing Detroit-based hospitals to transfer beds to another location, as part of a statutory overhaul of the Certificate of Need program, against the opposition of business and labor groups
  • Passage of legislation allowing for the withdrawal of a city from, and dissolution and sales of assets of, the South Oakland County Resource Recovery Authority
  • Passage of controversial legislation creating the Detroit Wayne County Airport Authority, to govern Detroit Metropolitan Airport
  • Passage of a measure to require that municipal solid waste incinerators have a 1000 foot setback from schools, day care centers, nursing homes and residential areas
  • Passage (by one vote in the House and one vote in the Senate) of a measure to ratify four Indian gaming compacts
  • Passage of over a dozen bills to curtail youth access to tobacco, including elimination of outdoor advertising of tobacco products and tougher restrictions on smoking in restaurants
  • Significant new state spending for mental health services
  • Creation of the Healthy Kids Dental program to assure access to oral health services for Michigan’s children
  • New and continued programs in the Healthy Michigan Fund, including the Michigan Parkinson’s Initiative and African American Male Health Initiative
  • Creation of licensure for hospice residences, the first new licensed health care facility category since the Public Health Code was adopted in 1978
  • Defeat of measures to create segregated charter school academies
  • Enactment of measures to improve end-of-life care in Michigan, including repeal of the Michigan Official Prescription Program
  • Inclusion of consumer safeguards in budget language allowing prior authorization for certain Medicaid pharmaceutical products
  • Passage of measures strengthening safeguards for persons with disabilities, including reform of guardianship statutes and mandatory consumer involvement in managed behavioral health initiatives
  • Enactment of legislation extending “Good Samaritan” immunity to persons providing emergency services using an Automatic External Defibrillator, which restarts a heart to its normal pumping action
  • Creation of mandatory insurance coverage for diabetes equipment, supplies and education, the first new insurance mandate in Michigan in over a decade

We also know that sometimes a client’s objective is to defeat legislation that would be unfavorable. And we’re equally as successful at defense as we are at offense.

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