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RWC Advocacy partners:
Elizabeth L. Weihl and Melissa D. Cupp.

RWC Advocacy was founded in 1989, as Wiener Associates, as a full-service, bipartisan government affairs law firm. We have more than eight decades of experience in government, politics and public affairs and during that time have grown to an aggressive mid-sized firm representing more than 40 diverse clients.

We have extensive lobbying experience that cover a range of issues discussed in local, state and federal government. These include economic development, education, health, human services, technology and information services, regulatory consulting, transportation, housing, telecommunications, taxation and appropriations matters. We also have specialized expertise in certificate of need matters and in state procurement protocols, and have extensive experience with grass roots advocacy campaigns.

Prioritizing Your Needs
We believe it’s vital for each client to have a clear, written, prioritized and mutually agreed upon statement of public policy objectives. So one first step is to meet with each client and develop these priorities, which guide our actions and alerts our entire staff to issues of importance to our clients.

If It Happens In Lansing, We Are There
We follow legislative hearings, monitor every introduced bill, track legislation and provide immediate feedback to our clients, utilizing state-of-the-art electronic and subscription tracking services. We firmly believe, though, that there is no substitute for being there, on the ground and in person. Our lobbyists and staff are present in committees, in the capitol in workgroups, and in informal discussions before bills are even introduced.

Providing Access To Decision Makers
We are active in hands-on lobbying for and with our clients, including one-on-one meetings with members of the Executive Branch and Legislature, including key staff. This may include testifying before committees or working with our clients to develop testimony for presentation. In short, we maintain access to key decision makers on our clients’ behalf.

Customized Representation
We provide periodic detailed reporting to our clients, but do not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. We are experienced in presenting before client boards and at public meetings. We provide detailed written reports and other content on a schedule and in a format desired by each client, and we routinely accommodate phone, or email briefing for single or multiple parties. We tailor our approach to meet the needs of each client.

Knowledge. Experience. Access.
While lobbyists are best known as process facilitators, we try to absorb the substance of our clients’ issues so that we can talk knowledgeably with decision makers in the absence of our clients when needed. We have found, since term limits have been put in place, that substantive knowledge plays a greater role with the newer members than it did in the past. Therefore, our firm provides both substantive knowledge and access.

RWC Advocacy provides the following services:

  • Legislative lobbying, including appropriations
  • Executive branch lobbying
  • Grassroots advocacy, organization, and coalition formation
  • Monitoring and reporting of legislative, administrative and regulatory activities, and informing clients of these activities
  • Strategic planning and prioritization of client goals
  • Crafting legislation and proposed administrative rules, reports, recommendations and testimony
  • Administrative law, including preparing regulatory filings, certificate of need and licensure applications
  • Guidance and representation in procurement opportunities
  • Public speaking and increasing client visibility to decision-makers and to client constituents
  • Client communications, including presentations to Boards and staff
  • Election analysis and impact of expected outcomes
  • Campaign finance compliance, including document preparation as required by state law
  • Non-profit tax-exempt status compliance

Ethics — The Highest Standard
We adhere to the State Bar of Michigan standards regarding conflict of interest and resolution of potential conflict of interest – the highest ethical standard of any governmental affairs consulting firm.

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“Neither Schostak nor several lawmakers who spoke about the spending to Bridge Magazine said they could identify who in the Legislature championed the project,” @mwilk_Bridge writes.

I’m always curious when $10 million magically shows up in the state budget.

#LameDuck Hangover News:

Michigan’s GOP-controlled Legislature tucked a $10M grant in its final spending spree for water and sewer lines to land owned by ex-@MIGOP chairman @BobbySchostak, a real estate developer

https://t.co/tGqoNdDFRd via @mwilk_Bridge & @BridgeMichigan

$4.7 million in grants will go toward improving mobility for seniors, veterans and the disabled https://t.co/CHwi3WfaGg

On the walk to school this morning, my kindergartener informed me, “We’ve got a lockdown today.” An active shooter drill

***parental anxiety kicks in***

She said her teacher plans to “put some of us behind the puppet show and some of us in the bathroom, which is kind of weird.”

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6 days ago

RWC Advocacy

Governor Whitmer names DHHS Director

Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced her selection of Robert Gordon as Director of the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services. Mr. Gordon is currently serving as Senior Vice President of Finance and Global Strategy at The College Board, which administers the SAT college entrance exam. He previously served in the federal government under President Obama, as an acting assistant secretary in the Department of Education and in the federal Office of Management and Budget. Mr. Gordon and his family will be moving to Michigan from Washington, D.C.

We will provide additional information as it becomes available. The nomination is subject to advise and consent proceedings in the Michigan Senate.
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RWC Advocacy
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RWC Advocacy
230 N. Washington Square
Suite 200
Lansing, MI 48933